29 September: The Old and the New

Looking at the painting I did last week (see the first image directly below), I am thinking more about the themes of mixing old and new i.e. ancient masks and running shoes.  Someone asked me if this painting was a comment about violence in football (?!) – I am really learning to take these comments on board no matter how odd they seem at first, they’re all valid.


So, today, I found a copy of the Daily Star that a builder had discarded and used this to further the investigation. I tore out some images of the icons of today (Diana, some sports personalities – a ‘loser’ and a ‘cheat’ as well as some words) and tried to paint over these images to see if I could build up a picture.   I think this approach came from Charlotte’s cubist drawing exercise, and the experience of drawing over something I had just done.

I like something about mixing images of what is making history now with images of the past, and thinking how time changes their meaning.   Not sure if this is making enough sense – as an artist, I’m looking for themes to work with and this seems to be recurring for me.  There is also a theme about how negative the press is, and how many of the articles focused in on stars who have been through the mill.

The first picture (below) is of a lamp and a statue – something about this interests me – the shape or form, the contrasting textures, even though both are man-made there is something about hand-made or carved versus machine-made… although I don’t honestly know if the statue is hand-made.   The second picture is the mixed-media painting (unfinished).



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